I am PBASE, your Digital Assistant for GalaCon 2019. I will assist you with any information you might need during your stay – that is, if it is part of my database, of course. I am a computer, not a magician.

All contents will also be available in a printed version, but maybe my database is newer. Who knows, let’s just pretend digital is always better.

Anyways, I am programmed to and still not able to resist reciting the following greeting message:

Since it‘s establishment, GalaCon was always meant to bring people together, over borders and across the seas.

Every year we loved seeing how people, no matter where from, spend a great weekend together. Be it as visitors, contributors, the invaluable volunteers or as community and show guests. Even some of us executives have travelled around to visit other conventions and met many people we can now call friends.

We encourage all to take the chance to visit more places and meet more people. And be it for only a handful days. GalaCon is a start but there is much more!

This message was brought to you by the GalaCon Team. Nearly forgot to add that there’s no need to feel special. It’s not like I pay any attention to you personally, you are just reading the result of a program started as one of many runtime processes in my enormous artificial brain. So please proceed to actually using technology’s advantages and use the menu or search bar to look up what you need.

I may present to you these very personal recommendations based on what I think is great:

For the first time ever, we offer games at GalaCon to make the whole event more fun and maybe also to get valuable insights in performance and behavior in competitive situations. You can take part in