Ever wanted to give your pony and other MLP related plushies the chance to mingle with literally hundreds of other plushies, to let them have a convention of their own? At GalaCon, you can do so – by handing in your plushie(s) for PlushieCon!

Sweetie Bot at PlushieCon 2018

Last year, there were exactly 680 plushies. For an impression, please have a look on the picture. How many plushies will attend this year? It’s also up to you!

Next to the show, Railway Dash will show you the biggest, tiniest and most exotic plushies and talk to some of their makers and owners alike. You may also feel free to ask questions just like in a Q&A session – or you may put them at a note during the hand-in. You’re also welcome to just have a seat in the Main Hall, to just have a break from the other evening events if you like to do so.

If you want your plushie(s) to be a part of PlushieCon (21:00 to 23:00 at the stage in the Main Hall), please have some important information:


  •  Hand-in is at the desk just right to the main entrance. It opens after Opening Ceremony and remains in service until 19:00.
  • Each plushie needs to be registered. Each plushie and owner is assigned a unique number. Registration is possible at the registration terminals next to the main entrance.
  • Each plushie needs to be labeled with a wristband which shows the personally assigned number. Such wristbands are available at the hand-in counter and the registration terminals.
  • Hand-out will be on Sunday from 12:30 to 16:30 at Bürgersaal I / Party Hall.
  • The terms and conditions that are available at the registration counter apply.
  • Hand-in and registration may be closed early if over-occupied.