Meals and SnacksPrice in €
Classic Hay Burger (Hamburger) 4,50
BIZAAM Burger (Cheeseburger) 5,00
Sweet Apple Acres Burger (vegetarian cauliflower burger) 4,50
Hot Diamond Dog (German Sausage with bread roll) 3,00
Hot Diamond Dog (German Red Sausage with bread roll)4,00
Baked Potato with Sour Cream 3,50
Cheeze Sandwich’s Special (Grilled Cheese with Baked Potato) 5,00
Baked Scootato (Baked Potato with turkey strips) 5,00
Bread Rolls with Chocolate 2,50
Bread Rolls with Cheese or Cold Cuts 3,00
Surf Wrap (Tuna) 3,00
Turf Wrap (Cesar) 3,00
Derpy’s Muffins 1,50
Fruitbat Bait (fruit salad) 2,50
Donut Joe’s Donuts 1,50
Moon Cookies 1,50
Sugarcube Corners Special Giant Chocolate Cookies 1,50
Starlight’s Favourite Ice Cream (per scoop) 1,20

For possibly allergic ingredients and additives please consult the on-site information posts or ask the restaurant staff. Please see the map at the end of this guide for locations!

Please note that the KUBUS restaurant is closed for renovation. Warm meals are being sold on the terrace next to the restaurant entrance.