Charity Auction

The past is passé; the present is fleetingly short; but the future, the future we can still improve. GalaCon 2019 is dedicated to the future. Bronies for Good is not. Bronies for Good is dedicated only to the best possible future.

This century may be a turning point. Never before were we so close to creating artificial intelligences that may become our equals or surpass us. Never before were we on the brink of expanding to another planet. But never before did we exploit so many billions of animals in factory farms either. A moral catastrophe of unprecedented scale in human history.

If humanity expands to other planets before we’ve come to eat drastically less meat or without the technology to grow meat without the sentient animal (so called clean meat or cell meat), the scale of this exploitation will only increase.

Animal Charity Evaluators tries to find the most effective charities in the world that work on this problem so that donors can be assured (to the extent that the current research warrants) that their donations would not have achieved much more elsewhere. This year, our recommendation Animal Equality is once again top among them.

GalaCon will support the valiant investigators and protectors of Animal Equality with the Grand Auction on Sunday.

This auction can only succeed if you donate valuable items now that will inspire bidders from Europe and from all around the world to reach for new heights of generosity.

In-Kind donations are still being accepted at the Convention Office. Please ask if you want to donate something for the Charity Auction!

More information is available on the website of our partner Bronies for Good.