Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong is a 38-year-old Canadian actor and voice actor, with his first contact with My Little Pony being auditions for Prince Blueblood and Garble. Over time he started to voice well known characters such as Flash Sentry in the Equestria Girls movies and Sandbar with the beginning of season 8. With my little pony he had also his singing debut on the album “It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas”.

Aside from My Little Pony Vincent Tong has been involved in different types of filmography such as film, anime and animation.
Notable voice roles include Touta Matsuda in “Death Note”, Aki Light / Mega Man in “Mega Man Fully Charged” and roles in “Lego Ninjago” as Kai, Lizaru, Chokun & Ray.

Vincent Tong graduated from Canadian College of Performing Arts and has a background in musical theatre with famous productions like Mamma Mia! And La Cage aux Folles in Vancouver.

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