Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha is an experienced voice actress, performer and professional force of nature.

Originally starting out in stage plays and musicals, Tabitha has left her unique mark on many, many shows since. MLP fans know her in her shining roles as the voice of Rarity, Princess Luna and Granny Smith, but she regularly brings other characters in Equestria to life – Who could forget performances like Golden Harvest, Princess Flurry Heart and the Gravy Boat?

When she’s not working for a top secret group of space ninja assasins or gardening, Tabitha has a colorful life even without tiny horses – Every role she’s been involved in would be too numerous to list, but examples include Pepper Clark from Littlest Pet Shop, Nokoma from the Bionicle specials, Pashmina from Hamtaro and many, many more. More recently, she’s been featured in videogames such as Dragalia Lost and Thimbleweed Park.

Fun fact: There is a strong chance Tabitha will become a crazy cat lady at some point in her life. Or is she already?

Let’s be honest: It is frankly impossible to describe Tabitha adequately in an announcement text. If you ask me, this would need to be a 12 page long avantgarde poem to get close. Rest assured, you will not regret meeting her in person at GalaCon, and until then, say hi on Twitter!